5 Quick SEO Tips


Search Engine Optimisation seems like a weird, misty thing to a lot of business owners. They know they need it; but don’t have a clue how it all works. There’s SEO, content marketing, PPC, performance optimisation…what does it all mean?! Essentially, the aim of all this is to get recommended by the search engines and…

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‘But I Can’t Afford a Website!’ – Your options


I think by now we’ve all read the myriad of information on why you cannot afford to NOT have a website. But as a small business or startup, the cost can seem a bit daunting. For a well-designed and built website, you’re looking at hundreds of pounds; and if your site is going to require…

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At Home – Sedbergh, Cumbria


The nice thing about what I do is that it’s not restricted to the local area I live in, and I can work with clients all over the place! However, a common bugbear I’ve found that business owners have with developers is that they often move around, and become unreachable after a while. I’ve always…

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I’m Back…


It’s been a fair while since I posted on this blog – but I am most certainly back! I’ve been building all manner of WordPress websites over the last couple of years – with plenty of custom-built designs to code! I’m essentially continuing on with this now under my own name, and in addition I’ve…

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