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Who we're here for and what we help with

We're for the go-getting and big-hearted female entrepreneurs (because you don't have to be one of the other).

We're for the women and the mothers changing the way we look at business, money and community.

We're for the trailblazers; the ones who know the power of investing in their mindset, their support network, and overcoming blocks that hold them back.

We're for the ones who are ready to build their village in business.


Perhaps you've been in business for a few years now and outgrown your website.

Maybe you provide online courses or have a members-only community - and you're not happy with the clunkiness (and the extra transaction fees) of a third-party membership platform.

Maybe you have an email list, but you know it could be reaching more people... and you struggle with the right tech to work with and for you to make more sales.

And maybe, you feel that you're ready to make the shift to a 6-figure business.

If you...

  • are frustrated

    Your current website isn't working for you - whether it's a case of noone paying attention, or that it keeps breaking!

  • Are overwhelmed

    You know you should update and maintain your site regularly, but tech isn't your zone of genius and quite frankly, you'd much rather be doing something else!

  • Are looking for an on-going website relationship

    Um no, not THAT kind. You know that having a website launched is just the beginning, but it can be a major challenge to find the right person to work with on an ongoing basis!

What I do

Website Consultancy

The whole package. Using a tried, tested and trusted process, I'll work with you to create a website that achieves your business goals and impresses your customers.

Website Build

Design, development and launch; like building a house, the first step is to get the foundations right.

Website Maintenance

Building a website is just the beginning. Let me support your business by taking care of ongoing maintenance and support.

Support for growth

You have an awesome website, but have you got the strategies and support to use it to grow your business online? Let's grow!

Recent Work

I've also worked on improving and editing a number of existing websites for clients, as well as some sites which are not able to be shown here - get in touch and I can send you some links to other work too.

The Peridot Website Process

  • The Brief

    I’ll arrange a meeting with you (often over Zoom) so that we can really dig deep into the reasons why you need a new website, and what it is that drives that need. From this meeting, I’ll deliver a detailed proposal so you know what’s been agreed before you proceed.

  • Sitemap

    Once the project is signed off, I’ll put together a visual sitemap so that you can clearly see the structure that the information on your site will take.

  • Prototype

    This stage gives you a quick ‘mock-up’ of what I envisage for the website. It isn’t pretty because this stage isn’t about the design – the prototype is a no-frills, skeletal version to show you how my solution will work.

  • Design & Development

    This is the bit where I’ll take the prototype and build it out into the finished site, incorporating your branding, images and adding any custom functionality.

  • Delivery & Launch

    After the site has been tested and approved, I’ll push it live on your hosting server so you can start showing it off! Post launch, I’ll make sure you have access to whatever training/support you’ve requested.

WHAT they're saying on facebook...


Sarah u are a WordPress genius!! Thankyou!!

Thanks to Sarah Tomlinson for her initial inspiration on how I can move my website from something that is pretty static into something that will work for me. I'm excited by this project and appreciated Sarah's no jargon approach.

Shout out to Sarah for helping me through the terra incognita of WordPress plug ins!

Thank the digital goddesses for Sarah!


About Me

I’m Sarah – a website consultant, mother of toddlers and lover of craft gin.

I've spent the last 10 years working with WordPress websites, and developing my learning from coding to content marketing.

I previously worked as a part of the Kendal-based web design/development business, Pixel Pudu – with a specialism in creating elegant, functional websites that focus on delivering a improved user experience. During this time, I was fortunate enough to work with a diverse range of clients, as well as collaborate with a number of local and national agencies.




  • Have clear goals for your business

  • Are ready to up-level your business

  • Are passionate about what you do

  • Are ready to delegate

  • Have the time for a website project

  • Have an audience

  • Have funds for your project

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